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I've been thinking alot about portal recently. After allot of research for a theory, I think I know enough about it now to write a fanfiction. I've never played the actual game, but I've read, and texted my cousin who has played it, and watched footage, and learned Cara Mia Addio in English and the "original" Italian, all to the purpose of either writing a fanfiction of My Little Pony with aka portal elements, or writing Portal 3. Of course, there is the alien dog story (planning to submit after a while). So, what should I do?

Here's what I think the portal story would look like. Basically, I want to try and repair the soap in the mouth opera that valve has set as the portal backstory by taking every last undefined element I can find and bending them to overall make the story straighter. We all know that GLaDOS lied in the ending scene and is Chell's mother, so we've got unresolved tension to write the story around. Plus, there's the fact that Caroline may not be actually digitalized. Sure that was Cancelled Johnson's plan, but as he said his "engineers are working on that right now." Given other events, I am convinced that Caroline is alive. Before this is discovered, however, there is plenty of room for humor.

So, do I write that, or concentrate on Forgiven Planet?
If I were to organize my watched list, who would I put first? Almost as important, who would be last? Was going to actually answer these questions but then realized what the blank of an idea that was.

Why did they name it deviant art? Thankfully most of the art I've seen isn't deviant. Deviant means cunningly evil, or evil at least. Oh, well.

I've got two revolutionary theories about Portal and Portal 2, but worried about copyright so won't post them LOL.

What the blank is Redstone? I no longer trust Mojang's help info, just their old books.

I'm tired, but I don't want to let this moment quickly die. Well, I greeted it gaily as it flew. So, sing ho for the little moments!
I have been using my conception of portals as I knew ten from hedgewars, hedgewars PAoTH comics, and Minetest, in my comics. Recently, however, I did a bunch of portal research, so from now on I will be using portals and guns that match the game. At the same time, I will be replacing Aperture with Zenith tech, and GLaDOS with GeNIA. Further hedgehog appearances will be questionable.
One user seems particularly interested in the MLP fanfictions I've been writing down. I have good news and bad news for them. The bad news is thaim having to change stuff quite a bit to make it all work, including the prequel. So I may not post the rest until its all finished editing and such. Thank you for the support. If you ask for the rusty chapters...well, we will see. And that's the good news. This isn't dead. I'm still writing, but its shaky and thus hsnt been posted. By the way is there a way to post videos in deviantart?
I just saw a picture of a clearly nude woman lying face down in a bed, tried to report it, and discovered it had already been approved by staff. Double checked and my view mature content switch is indeed off. In an attempt to mute the poster, I discovered that most of their content contains nudity and sexual themes without mature tags. Didn't want to tick around said already moretgan I wanted to. My question is Why, deviantart? Why pretend to restrict pornography when you clearly don't?
Note: the following is a bit of a blowtop.
I want to go to the undiscovered section without running into a bunch of art that is undiscovered because it was un-discovered by those who discovered it. Namely, posts in need of a mature tag for sexual reasons, posts containing horrific depictions, and poetry that intentionally leaves you wondering what in the world it was talking about.
I am considering writing a fanfiction themed in the aftermath of probably one of the most copy-incorporated games of all time. That is, Portal. Copy-incorporated meaning that everything from terraria to hedgewars has add-ons or built-in that duplicate the Arpeture Science portal gun. So, I recently peppered my more gamer cousin with questions about the backstory of this game, and was quite disgusted. Thus I have decided to continue and hopefully repair the story. The main idea is that GLaDOS finds that she is inexplicably viewing security recordings of Chell over and over. In truth she is lonely. Anyway, she then starts a series of searches, contacting, and even hacks to try and get Chell to come back to Arpeture Science. Anyone who likes the current backstory would probably not like this fanfic. I am open to suggestions. If you send me an idea that becomes a large part of the story, I will include you in the credits, with specific reference to the idea and if possible q link to your account homepage.
Note that if I get zero response or negative I will probably not write this.
I basically want someone to draw a realistic looking me (as Jaywright the cat as I appear in the Sticks & Stones comic series). In return I really can't offer much in terms of drawings outside of the characters presented in the comics and some inanimate objects yet to appear, but literature is another story (accidental pun, you'd think Someone in charge had a sense of humor). I will try to come up with a clear set of specifications for what I want, and also a set of limits on what I will do in return. Here's the selling point: if I can tell that a submission to me was really trying to follow the rules, but misunderstood them or turned up one I forgot to mention, I will do a return artwork even for that submission, though it will probably be reduced size or detail in comparison to the final payment. Haggling is fine with me. If you don't t know what that is, it's where one guy says four and the other guy says two and the first guy says three and the other guy says done.

Please contact me via pm.
I was misinformed, and for the last eleven hours I thought it was 2018. This will not only change my last submission, but several texts as well. This is embarrassing. Well, happy old year! Sorry, everybody. Wonder what my comic should be. What shall I do for the last day of the year..?
Almost 35 percent of the art I have seen in undiscovered since Christmas has been in need of a mature tag, and at least a fifth of that needed it for more than 1.5 reasons. What's the deal? I don't like this. Is there anything I can do besides just filing repots all day? I don't think the server community would like it anyway.

PS: when I hit the submit button on the report, it has just turned gray. Did the report go through?
After I posted yesterday's entry, I started realizing that it's basic message wasn't true. I have a fave for one of my sketches, and the llama badges are truly good. Still wondering about not getting art activity. It seems that llama badges would actually be rarer since they are connected to the user's entire profile, where with art activity the commenter or faver can pick and choose what they like. Anyways, it is NOT as bleak as I painted it yeaterday (1: I am not being sorely mistreated, 2: I am trying to think of a pun around "painted" and the fact that this is an art server :)). Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

PS: I think the submission portion of the DeviantArt app could use some work.
Have I just been put in a can? I logged out and looked at the undiscovered stuff and none of my work is there. No comments on the artwork, either. Why is this happening to me? I've done my best to be supportive and all, but my work appears to be just gathering dust (though I may be underappreciating the llama badges. thanks all). Is my work just embarrassing to like directly?
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart! (love that song)

Here's the first verse of a song which more connects with why we celebrate Christmas. I hope I got all the wrods right.

Hark the harold angel sing!
"Glory to the new born King!
Peace on earth, and mercy mild.
God an sinners reconciled."
Joyful, all ye nations rise;
Join the quire of the skies!
With angelic hosts proclaim
"Christ is born, in Bethlehem!"
Hark, the harold angel sing!
Glory to the new born King!

I don't know the rest. Merry Christmas all, and may all know that Jesus Christ has come to save because of His great love toward us!
A strictly Christmas-themed comic idea has been given to me, but I believe that it is better to do it tomorrow. As for the day, I realized that I have looked forward to clam chowder, and God has provided every year. Thankyou, God! I remembered that, thankfully, I did ask for something other than a toothbrush case: a rod of holmium. This is something I've wanted for a while, and I wouldn't have asked that particular person for it if God hadn't reminded me, and I'm glad I did. GissyBear is still watching me, and I'm wondering if she is lonely. Otherwise, I finally know why people were calling me Dan, and I feel a little silly. Apologies to all.
At least I think I may have too many. The thing is that I see a lot of good art in this community (despite my expectations) and I want to give my support. Not all the art I've faved, however, really gets to me alot. I think I have been overpicky, but working on being less picky is a work in progress, and I think I went too far the other way. Help, God. If anyone finds I have unfaved their art and wonders why, this is why. However, I may change my mind and just stick with what I've done once I have a good look at the folder of faves.
The submission portion of this app, unlike the rest of it, will not rotate to portrait, and it's annoying.

In other thoughts, I was thinking about posting the Christmas story as I know it. And I'm not referring to the poem "T'was the night before Christmas," if you're wondering. If I were to post this, would anyone read it? Or would I be more likely to get hit by a radioactive cow from outer space?
Does liking to send Christmas cards necessarily mean special enjoyment in receiving them? My grandmasure has a stockpile of cards and envelopes, but is trying to get one to her this late worth it? Maybe I will just draw her one and give it to her at Xmas eve dinner. Anyone have advice from experience?

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace and goodwill toward men!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I MUST get at least one Christmas themed comic posted before it is too late! I have one idea, and I think it will be out tomorrow. Meanwhile, anyone have any ideas? My established comic profile pretty much requires a monopanel page with most of the characters there (me being the most likely one to get left out), and everything they're doing has to have something to do with everything everyone else is doing if possible. I think I will post more details in the comic folder if possible.
I replied "GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!!!" To a hateful comment on a recent anti-Net Neutrality journal entry, and made the mistake of thinking that was the end of it. I was exploring today, and found a deviation with Santa's sleigh being pulled by flying killer whales. Asked what this meant (included a reference to a Cajun joke about alligators), and got a hateful reply from the creator referencing the comment on my journal entry. I checked and it wasn't the same user. What is with all the hate? I did explode about Net Neutrality when I originally found out this website supported it, but I apologized and have been quite passive about it since. But the hate comments continue. I was seriously asking what the whales meant. It wasn't an insult.

PS: my autocorrect changed "pulled" to "bullied" in the above entry. I wonder if something like this caused the offense.
Hallelujah! The cool thing is what happened to me, though. I was reading replies to the save net neutrality thread on this site, and one guy's post said the removal would take a month or so to take effect. I believed this. This morning, I downloaded a video, and noticed that the download seemed unusually fast, and the time estimate unusually stable. Then, later, I asked my mom when the net neutrality removal would take effect. She said that it had already taken effect and that an FCC member reported that people were experiencing better internet already. It's true! And I know it's not just me cause I still believed the lie that net neutrality had not been removed when I first noticed the better speed and quality.

One totally unrelated thing: why is it that the deviantart app requires a journal category but the website doesn't? Also, the journal submission button should not be in profile alone in my opinion, it should be in the journal tab too.